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Image Converter is used to govern portrait documents. For example, it may lessen photograph length for Web publishing. Still, the principal reason for this system is converting codes of current documents in addition to photograph correction. Image Converter can method greater than one hundred portrait codecs and shop ensuing snapshots into maximum famous photograph codecs. This amazing Image Converter device permits you to transform snapshots from one layout to another. Functions of the image converter are:

  • high-satisfactory answer for online photograph conversion tasks.
  • Effectiveness growth while doing comparable conversion jobs.
  • Satisfaction with the fee and high-satisfactory of report conversion.
  • And, final however now no longer least, time stored in your life, paintings, and hobby.

How can I use the image converter?

  • Visit to find an image converter.
  • Drag & drop or choose files to upload any image file.
  • Change the format (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or WEBP)
  • To convert an image, click the button.
  • Download the updated image once the conversion has been accomplished.

Features of using image converter:

Ease of Use: Immediately after you have added the images to be processed, you will see the first results, and the first images are ready to be saved.

Batch Processing: The images can be easily added to the program, by being dragged from any folder of your computer in the processing list. After adding the images, only one click on "Convert" is necessary to apply all settings to all images.

Preview: Without destroying the original image, you will see the effect of your settings in the preview box immediately after selecting an option.

Change Image Size: You can resize the image to any customized size, it does not matter if the image is enlarged or reduced. It is possible to keep or alter the proportions or to respect portrait and landscape orientation.

Rotate and Flip: The image can be flipped vertically or horizontally, or rotated by an angle.

Red, green, and blue can be adjusted, the image can have its gamma corrected, any number of colors can have their saturation reduced, and the image can even have its colors inverted (negative image).

Contrast, Brightness, and Saturation: An image's contrast, brightness, and saturation may be progressed or dwindled with the use of a truthful slider.

Blur and Sharpness: The cap potential to blur or sharpen pix independently of each other in arbitrary intensities. Images that have been resized may be made higher via way of means of polishing them.

Cut & Crop: You can eliminate any wide variety of pixels from the aspect of your choice. This permits the elimination of particular quantities of the image.

Paste Watermark or Other Images: You have complete control over the watermark's size (for example, full-size, the original image's size, or custom size), as well as where it will be posted. Additionally, a translucent hue that is not a duplicate of the watermark may be used.

Add Text to Images: It is viable to write down each viable Text (additionally Unicode or unique characters) on photos in any position. The font, the position, the scale, and the color may be user-defined. It is likewise viable to apply placeholders withinside the text (for instance for the document call or the present day date).

Draw a Frame across the Image: With this feature, it's far viable to attract a body in a custom-designed color and width across the unique picture. The body can both be painted over the unique picture or the unique picture may be enlarged for the body.

Order of Actions: You can regulate freely, wherein order all the capabilities are carried out. Try it, the impact may be every other one

Formats: In the present-day model of the picture converter over 30 document codecs are supported wherein the photos may be opened or saved. So it's also viable to transform a picture from one layout to every other.

Get Images from Clipboard: After choosing the option "Get Images from Clipboard", you best need to replica a picture in your clipboard to method and keep this picture immediately.

Saving of the File List: all loaded documents may be effortlessly saved and loaded. So, you may outline a set of documents, on which you may cross on operating time and again.

Shortcuts: If you want, you may hyperlink the Image Converter it arbitrary documents and folders or display this system withinside the context menu "Send to". With this, it's miles viable to open documents and folders without delay withinside the Image Converter.

Save Configuration: With one click you may keep the present-day configuration (all settings) to load them once more later. Additionally, you may keep a configuration that hundreds routinely at startup. The configuration documents may be without delay related to this system so you best want to click on one in every one of these documents to open the picture converter with the best settings.

Profiles: To be capable of getting entry without delay to unique settings or profiles, we provide you on this web page a few filters together with sepia or black and white that you may open with the Image Converter or withinside the Image Converter without delay. Some profiles you may download free of charge withinside the profiles web page and you may additionally create your very own profiles with this system itself.

Save Configuration on Exit: If you need, you could set the Image Converter to keep all settings or some of the decided on settings on exit, so you can cross on together along with your paintings on the equal function you've got finished, whilst beginning the software for the following time.

Individual View. It is each viable to expose all critical home windows like input, preview, movements, and garage alternatives withinside the major window at one time in addition to making a custom selection. With the small X on every window withinside the pinnacle proper corner, you could near the equal, in order that the alternative home windows are larger.

Saving Options: The authentic picture may be overwritten, you could select a brand new folder or filename or you could keep it in a distinctive picture format. When deciding on a brand new filename, you could use a few constants, which make it viable to vary the photographs or to apply the antique filename further with a few different strings.

Unicode Filenames: Both, filenames and folders with Unicode characters are absolutely supported whilst saving and commencing photographs.

Other Settings: Behind this, there are numerous different configuration alternatives withinside the software program that can simplify your paintings. For example, the heritage and body of the preview picture may be modified so you can examine the results of the modified picture in any other context.

Monitor Folder: If you need you could without delay display a folder in order that the Image Converter responds to adjustments on this folder.

No horrific investment: The Image Converter is likewise to be had in a freeware model, that corresponds to the whole model besides minor restrictions. You can check all of the capabilities on this model binding, earlier than your selection to get the model with no restrictions. You can use this model limitless and skip it as regularly as you like.

No installation (transportable Software): The application works without installation. This spares your Registry and you could straight away use it. Nevertheless, it's miles viable to sign in the report extension for configuration documents, to open a configuration with one mouse click. Of path, this registration isn't always required to run this system and might at any time be undone with the software program.

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