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Text to Binary

Convert text into binary:

All characters are stored by computers as binary digits. Binary code uses the digits 0 and 1 (binary numbers) to represent text or computer commands. A piece string assignment is given for each instruction or image. The strings may be represented by letters, symbols, or commands. These codes are employed in computers to encode data. Math and computer science use this base-2 or binary numeral machine. The machine uses just two symbols to represent values. Binary numbers are the common name for the values contained within binary structures. Computer systems use the binary machine internally in virtual electronics, and more specifically in virtual digital circuits that contain good judgment gates (with values of zero and one), completely based on computers. The binary machine is used by all devices that are computer-based, including mobile phones. You can switch back and forth between the base-10 system used by humans and binary. You can also convert between hexadecimal and binary, using 4 binary digits to represent 1 hex digit. Another option is to convert data in and out of binary and octal. An octal digit is represented by 3 binary digits. Octal digit zero in binary is 000. Using binary code, you can represent text or commands by using the binary numeral system.

Features of Oneplacetools.com Text to Binary Translator:

Some of the primary capabilities of textual content to binary translator are mentioned below.

100% Free

Oneplacetools.com affords unfastened online textual content to a binary converter that lets customers carry out limitless conversions. Moreover, there's no registration required to apply for this application.

Easy to Use

The user-pleasant interface of the English to binary translator permits customers to translate English textual content to binary code in none complicated manner.

Fast Conversion

Instead of attempting traditional approaches of changing textual content to the binary that require sufficient time and effort, you could use the phrases to binary code converter to get the quickest conversion. Just input textual content into the enter container and click on the convert button, the application will manner the conversion and show effects immediately.


The online phrase to binary converter affords 100curate effects to the customers. The clever algorithms utilized by the device manner your entered textual content and offer you ideal effects in some seconds. If you need to make certain accuracy, you could double-take a look at the effects manually.


Whether you've got got an Android, IOS, Mac, or Desktop device, you could without difficulty get admission to and use this article to binary converter online. The application works exquisitely quality on all devices.

How to Use Text to Binary Converter?

Go to the website, https://www.oneplacetools.com/daily-tools/en/textual content-to-binary.

Step-1: Enter the textual content which you need to transform into binary code withinside the enter box.

Step-2: You also can add the document containing textual content out of your device.

Step-3: After including the textual content withinside the left-facet box, click on the “Convert” button for conversion.

Step-4: The textual content could be transformed into binary code, and the end result will seem immediately withinside the proper box.

Step-5: Copy the outcomes to the clipboard or click on the "Download" button to keep the document on your device.

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