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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

About One place Robot text generator:

The Robot text is a text file that is always located in the root folder of your website. Its main function is to specify the files you want to be visited by crawlers. Once identified, the crawler will read the file and identify any blocked directories and files. It helps search engines to index your site more accurately. The Robot text file tells search engine crawlers which URLs on your site to visit. This is primarily used to prevent requests from overwhelming your site, it is not a mechanism for preventing Google from indexing a web page. Search engines consult the robots.txt file before crawling your site for instructions on crawling and indexing your site in search engine r Block indexing with no index words to keep the page out of Google. The robots.txt file allows bots to crawl specific areas of your website results. Our One place Robots.txt Generator tool is intended to assist webmasters, SEOs, and marketers in the creation of robots.txt files without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

How to use the One place Robot text Generator tool?

When you visit the new Robot TXT Generator page, you will see several options.

  • Go to the website,
  • The first box contains the default value for all robots, you will see two options, allowed and refused. Click allowed to go ahead.
  • The next line is to answer the crawl delay box which consists of two options ''Delay and No delay''. You will see many options of time such as 5 sec, 10sec, 20sec up to 120sec in the delay box. Click on No delay.
  • The next line is the sitemap. Enter your sitemap.
  • The second block is the images if you allow them to be indexed. The third column is the website for the mobile version. The final option is Deny, which prevents crawlers from indexing regions of the page. Be sure to add the forward tag before entering any directory or page address fields.


How am I able to Optimise my Robots.txt file for better SEO?

A properly optimized robots.txt file should be created without errors to ensure the security of your file. The Robots.txt file should be thoroughly examined. To make your robots.txt file program-friendly, you should make clear decisions about what to include in allowed tags and what to exclude. If you want search engines and other users to be able to access your data, you should allow them to tag image folders, content folders, and so on.

The Importance of  the One place Robots.txt Generator in SEO

One place Robots.txt generator is very useful and impressive. The logic for using a robots.txt file is that without one, your website is frequently subjected to too many third-party crawlers attempting to access its content. The experience of website visitors is influenced by loading speed, and many will leave if your site does not load quickly. You want search engines to focus on your most important pages, and you want them to ignore duplicate pages, such as pages formatted for printing. You do not want your website's content to be searchable (documents, images, etc.). That is why it is critical to understand exactly what you put in your robots.txt file so that it improves rather than degrades your SEO optimization. A robots.txt file with incorrect directives can cause major problems and possibly prevent pages from appearing in search results.

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