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What Is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a blueprint of your net web website online that helps search engines like google and yahoo discover, flow slowly and index all of your net web website online’s content material cloth. Sitemaps moreover tell search engines which pages in your web page are most important. There are four predominant forms of sitemaps:

Normal XML Sitemap:

This manner of the method of far the most now no longer unusual place type of sitemap. It’s generally withinside the form of an XML Sitemap that links to big pages in your net web website online.

Video Sitemap: Used specifically to help Google apprehend video content material cloth in your net web page.

News Sitemap: Helps Google discover content material cloth on websites that are legal for Google News.

Image Sitemap

Helps Google discover all of the photographs hosted on your web page. A sitemap allows users to find out URLs in your web website online, however, it would not assure that each one of the gadgets for your sitemap might be crawled and indexed. However, in maximum cases, your web website online will advantage from having a sitemap. offers an efficient, pretty fast, and 100 % accurate tool for a sitemap that helps in SEO. Just visit our website,, and the results with the blink of an eye.

Why are Sitemaps Important in SEO?

Sitemaps can help search engines like google and yahoo find pages Google locations: “If your  web pages are well linked, our net crawlers can generally discover most of your web page.”In one-of-a-kind words: you possibly don’t NEED a sitemap. But it clearly won’t damage your SEO efforts. So it makes enjoy to use them. There are also a few precise times wherein a sitemap simply is to be had in handy. For instance, Google in big component famous webpages via hyperlinks. And if your web page is modern and first-class and has a handful of outdoor backlinks, then a sitemap is HUGE for helping Google find pages on your web page. Or possibly you run an eCommerce web page with 5 million pages. Unless you internal link PERFECTLY and characteristic a ton of doors hyperlinks, Google’s going to have a hard time finding all of those pages.

Reasons to use site map SEO tool:

  • Your web page is absolutely massive. As a result, it is much more likely Google internet crawlers may forget about crawling a number of your new or these days up to date pages.
  • Your web page has a massive archive of content material pages that might be remoted or now no longer nicely connected to every different. If your web pages do not evidently reference every different, you could list them in a sitemap to make sure that Google would not forget about a number of your pages.
  • Your web page is new and has few outside hyperlinks to it. Googlebot and different internet crawlers move slowly the internet with the aid of using the following hyperlinks from one web page to another. As a result, Google won't find out your pages if no different websites hyperlink to them.
  • Your web page has a whole lot of wealthy media content material (video, images) or is proven in Google News. If provided, Google can take extra statistics from sitemaps into consideration for search, wherein appropriate.